Februar 24, 2013

Who is Mary Quant?

The Englishwomen rates as the inventor of the miniskirt. Her designs stand for the awareness of life in the "Swingig Sixties".

Today it's completely normal that the models on the runways in Paris, London, New York or Milan wear very little cloth. In the middle of the last century, a few missing centimetres triggered off a revolution.

And the whole history began in 1955 when Mary Quant opened the boutique Bazaar together with her future husband Alexander Plunket Greene in the Londoner King's Road (Chelsea). The 21-year old Mary Quant planned to sell ready-to-wear dresses from wholesalers which she had amended after her own ideas beforehand. When Quant sold completely everything, that she bought in the morning and changed in the afternoon, already in the evening, she began to produce her own creations.
The world-wide success, the from year to year shorter skirt, was created in her little flat.
Mary Quant designed a "total look" which instead of the classical feminine curves the as thin as possible legs stressed. Her unfitted at the waste and appearing childlike chemises and schoolgirl jackets were informed by clear cut lines and high armholes. She combined them to flat monks or boots - Mary Quant has thought that high heels are an instrument of torture.
The revolutionary hem shortening got the symbol of the "Singing Sixties", of the rebellion against the establishment and it got to the symbol of the women's emancipation.
All in all, Mary Quant was young, innovativ and at the right place, at the right time because London rated as the coolest city in the world.

At the end of the Sixties, the hype about the minis shrinked very fast. The first flower people from California were announced with their long dresses. Her reaction: She closed her Londoner boutiques in 1969 and was only concentrated in the development of her Make-up line.

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